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Eucumbene Polls - see what others are saying

Poll 2: What's the most effective method to land a trout in Lake Eucumbene?

Asking people what's the best method to land a trout up at Lake Eucumbene is always guaranteed to open a can of worm (literally).

Anglers noted for finding 'their' method and largely sticking to it so, in a way, the results of this poll probably say more about what is the most popular method, not necessarily the most effective.  That said, it was interesting gathering peoples thoughts and may encourage some to try a different way - I know I've taken some of the feedback on board.

When the poll closed we had almost 400 votes with trolling coming out on top, followed by fly fishing.

Final results of the poll are:

 * Trolling: 40%

 * Fly Fishing: 21%

 * Spinning: 6%

 * Soft Plastics: 3%

 * Worms: 12%

 * Bardi Grubs: 4%

 * Power Bait: 8%

 * Other: 6% **

** Just some of the 'other' responses included: 'Mudeyes' (almost 70% of all 'other' responses), 'Buying one from a fish shop', 'Getting someone else to catch one for you' and 'Use dynamite' - the author does not condone the use of explosives to catch trout :-)

Poll 1: Where do you normally stay when you visit the Lake Eucumbene Region?

In this poll, we wanted to know where visitors stayed when they came to the Lake Eucumbene Region.


We received close to 500 votes, with competition for the most visited location very tight.  In the end, just one vote separated first and second spot.


Final results of the poll are:

 * Buckenderra: 23%

 * Anglers Reach: 23%

 * Old Adaminaby: 16%

 * Braemar Bay: 11%

 * Adaminaby: 7%

 * Providence Portal: 5%

 * I live in the Region: 2%

 * Cooma: 1%

 * Other: 12%**

 ** Some of the popular 'other' responses included: 'Frying Pan', 'Josie Crowe's' and 'Seven Gates'.  Also getting responses were Camping, Eucumbene Cove and 'I haven't been to Eucumbene yet'.  Well, what are you waiting for? :-)