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Fishing at Lake Eucumbene

Lake Eucumbene is 'the jewel in the crown' of all the Snowy Mountains lakes. It's the largest lake of the mighty Snowy Mountains Scheme, with over 145 sq km of shoreline. When full, Lake Eucumbene holds nine times the volume of Sydney Harbour and has an average depth of over 30 meters.

Fishing at Lake Eucumbene is one of lifes real pleasures. Whether you're fishing from a boat or the shoreline, there's always the chance you'll land that elusive 'trophy trout'.

Hot Spots


• Coppermine & Collingwood Bays

• Cemetery Point

• Rushy Plains

• Seven Gates

• Yens Bay


• Buckenderra

• Anglers Reach Arm

• Old Adaminaby


• Providence Flats

• Braemar Bay

Best Baits


• Bardi Grubs

• Worms

• Power Bait

(chunky cheese, pink)

• Mudeyes

• Salmon Eggs (fake)

• Yabbies

Tip: Ground bait with corn!

Best Lures/Plastics


• Rapala Spotted 

• Berkley Powerglade

• Tsunami Super Trout

• Zman Grubz 

• Reidy Reidy's Rubbers

• Berkley Gulp Shrimp

Snowy Mountains Trout Festival

For more information:

Got a bait tip or fishing hot spot?


Ok, we all have special bait, techniques or places to whet a line at Lake Eucumbene.

We thought this might be a great place to build up a list of fishing tips and tricks.

My tip:


  • If fishing off the bank - no matter what bait you use... catapult a can of corn kernels into your fishing zone.  Yes, just the corn and not the actual can :-)


Email your tips/tricks and we'll add them here. 

Some Recent Catches


Caught a trout in the Eucumbene Region and want to see it here?

Simply email your pic to us (with a sentence or two on how/where you caught it) and you might just see it here!


More Eucumbene trout catches can be seen on our Fish Catches Gallery.

Nat Moore - brown 1.JPG
Ricky Siddle - Buckenderra2.JPG

"Collingwood Bay Brown"

Nat Moore caught this cracking brown over the Easter break in 2021 trolling around the entrance to Collingwood Bay.


Nat said the fish took his lure near the pine trees and old homestead.

Thanks for the tip Nat, I'll go grab the boat :-)


"My first rainbow in 24 years"

Ricky Siddle had a great time fishing at Buckenderra in mid March 2021 and landed this healthy rainbow trout off the bank.

Ricky was thrilled, adding that this was the first rainbow trout he's caught in Eucumbene in 24 years.  Ironically, Ricky caught it on Rainbow Powerbait, after having no luck on worms.


I hope it doesn't take you 24 years to catch your next one Ricky.

Andrew McGovern - Brown - Lake Eucumbene
Michael Cerne - Lake Eucumbene catches.J
Mark Smith - Tagged Trout.JPG
Geoff Bramann - Rainbow Trout at Lake Eu
Eucumbene Trout 2 - Allan Cunningham _ A
Eucumbene Trout 1 - Matt Perry - March 2

Take the weather with you

Andrew McGovern is a well known and respected master trout catcher.  He's been doing it for decades.  According to Andrew "One of the biggest lessons I've learnt on trout over the years is that the most subtle weather change can produce a short bite window.  Often the forecast is wrong, but if it's right and you're on the water.... magic can happen".

Fishing smarter NOT Harder.  Thumping brown trout just shy of 70cm caught at Braemar Bay in November 2020.

A fishing frenzy - November 2020!

According to Michael Cerne 'The lake was on fire on 14 November 2020. Midge and water boiling with fish rising in swarms 5-10 meters out. 6 fish in one hour on fly, many lost and hits every few casts.'

John Herzog holding some of the trout caught during this memorable session.

A tagged rainbow!

The 2020/21 Snowy Trout Challenge is in full swing and some great 'tagged' fish have been caught in Lake Eucumbene, including this beauty by Mark Smith.

With 40% of the 430 tagged fish being released into Lake Eucumbene, that's approximately 170 tagged trout swimming around the lake itching to be caught.

The best fish of my life!

Geoff Bramann caught this ripper rainbow trout in the Eueumbene River at Providence Portal on the last day of the trout season.


Geoff described his catch as 'the best fish of his life'.

What a beauty.  Well done Geoff & thanks to Mark Wiggins for the photo.

Eucumbene Gold!

Eucumbene regular Allan Cunningham had a great day out at Buckenderra recently.


Allan caught a few nice fish, all on the fly.  Allan mentioned this beauty put up a good fight.

Well done Allan!

"I can't believe how hard they fought for such small fish"

First time Eucumbene visitor Matt Perry spent a week up at the lake recently and caught a couple from his boat.


Matt mentioned one of the fish were in the trees near the Old Adaminaby boat ramp, the other straight across from Rainbow Pines on the other side of the lake.

Matt told me he couldn't believe how hard they fought for such small fish.

Hope to see you back soon Matt.

Did you know?


The largest trout caught in Lake Eucumbene is 10kgs (22.2lbs)

Angler: Max Harman
Trout Weight: 22.2lbs (10kg)
Caught: 4.30am on 25/5/1969
Location: Providence Arm
Weather: Clear, calm and near freezing
Method: Trolling the deep water with a Silver Wonder Wobbler
Gear: J.W Sea Lake Pattern Rod. 9lb Damyl Nylon Line


Largest trout caught in Lake Eucumbene -
Article - Largest trout caught in Lake Eucumbene
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