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Lake Eucumbene Galleries

The Lake Eucumbene area is not only a great place to visit for all kinds of recreational pursuits, be it fishing, boating, hiking and skiing, it offers the photographer unmatched scenic beauty. The mood of the lake changes with the seasons and water levels. We've captured Lake Eucumbene in all her moods in a series of photographic collections. We add to the collections regularly, so make sure you visit often.

If you've been to the region and have a photo/s you think would look great on the website, email it to us and you might just see it in one of our galleries.  

Fish Gallery


These ones didn't get away!

This album showcases some of the great catches from Lake Eucumbene. The majority of photos are sent in from website visitors, keen to show off their snowy mountain trout, but we occasionally catch one too and you'll see it here :-).

The album will grow as we receive more photos - so visit often. Oh, and If you have a photo or two, why not email them in and we'll add them to the collection.

Sam Love - Old Adaminaby - Lake Eucumben

Snow Gallery


One of the really special things about Lake Eucumbene is that its location, nestled in the NSW Snowy Mountains at an elevation of almost 1,200m, means it does get snow in winter.


While most snow falls are light (2-5cm) and melt within a day or two, much larger falls do occur at times.  Falls of 20+cm have occurred in the past few years.


Before the lake was filled in 1959, there are stories of snow cutting off the town of (original) Adaminaby for weeks on end.


This gallery includes pics of snow in and around the Lake Eucumbene Region.

Tracks in the snow - Old Adaminaby (Lake

Weather Gallery


Located in the NSW Snowy Mountains, at an altitude of almost 1,200m, Lake Eucumbene enjoys 4 distinct seasons.


From long, warm summer days to winter snows, the weather at Lake Eucumbene is always changing. Within hours, a mild, sunny day can be transformed into a raging blizzard.

Lake Eucumbene is well know for having some of the prettiest sunrises and sunsets in the region and colourful rainbows are common.  On crystal clear nights, stargazers are treated to incredible views of the southern cross and milky way.

In this gallery, we've captured some of the many weather faces seen at Lake Eucumbene.

About to cop it - Big storm hits Lake Eu

Trees Gallery

In this slightly quirky gallery we've selected a series of photographs showing many of the tress that dot the Lake Eucumbene landscape.


As Eucumbene's water levels fluctuate, many of the trees shown in the gallery  'disappear' and 'reappear' as the water rises and falls. Some trees shown no longer exist, being used in camp fires to warm shoreline anglers on one of Eucumbene's many freezing nights.

Check out the collection, you might just see the tree that was responsible for making you have to retackle your rod!

Amazing tree formation on Swan Island -

Ruins Gallery


Water levels in Lake Eucumbene fluctuate from season to season and year to year. When levels drop below 50%, many of the treasures left behind when the lake filled in 1958 resurface. Old building foundations, church steps, disused farm machinery and even parts of old cars are scattered around the banks. It's a real piece of history.


'Ruins' is a collection of photos showing some of the ruins beneath Lake Eucumbene.


Some of the photos in this collection were taken when the lake dropped to record low levels in July 2007 (8.7%), meaning some of the ruins lay under water for almost 50 years - who knows, with the Lake level well above 8.7% now, they maybe below the surface for another 50 years.

Ruins at Old Adaminaby - July 2007. Lake

Region Gallery

While Lake Eucumbene is one of the main attractions of the area, the local region abounds in natural beauty and wonder.

From historic gold diggins and grave sites at Kiandra, a day trip to Australia's Highest Town (Cabramurra), a swim in the thermal pool (with a year round water temp of a pleasant 27 deg), caves, walks and exploring, the Lake Eucumbene Region has just about everything to keep visitors coming back.

Oh, and don't forget the skiing in winter at Australia's best value family, friendly ski resort - Selwyn Snowfields.


Check out this gallery to see just some of what the region has to offer.


Random Gallery


What do you do when you have taken so many photos of Lake Eucumbene and region over the years and you just don't know which gallery to put them in?

Easy.... you create a gallery and call it 'Random'.

In this gallery, you find lots of interesting photos taken over many years. There are pictures in the gallery showing what happens when you try and drive too close to your favourite fishing spot! Or you walk too closely to the waters edge after the lake has dropped rapidly, exposing that famous Eucumbene mud.

Take a peek in the gallery - you'll never know what you'll find in there. 

Stuck in the mud - Lake Eucumbene.JPG

Website Visitors Pics Gallery


Taken a great pic of Lake Eucumbene or somewhere in the region?  Want to show it off to the world?


We are always on the lookout for great pics and regularly add new ones to our 'Website Visitors Pics' gallery.  Your pic doesn't need to be recent, in fact, we love seeing the lake and region from the years gone by too.


Simply send your favourite pic to us via email and you might just see it in this gallery.


Rob Hales - Anglers Reach.JPG
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