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Lake Eucumbene - Facts & Figures

*  Where is Lake Eucumbene?

(from Old Adaminaby)

Snowy Mountains, NSW
Adaminaby: 7km
Cooma: 55km
Canberra: 110km

*  Coordinates of Lake Eucumbene

(from Old Adaminaby)

36deg 08's / 148deg 42'E

*  Lake Eucumbene construction announced

17 October 1949

*  Construction period

1956 to 1958

*  Surface area of Lake Eucumbene

145sq km


*  Normal full supply level of Lake Eucumbene

1,165m asl

*  Minimum operating level of Lake Eucumbene

1,115m asl

*  Storage capacity of Lake Eucumbene

480 000 ml

*  Water volume of Lake Eucumbene

6,735,3000 m3

*  When full Lake Eucumbene holds

9x the water volume of Sydney Harbour

*  Average depth of Lake Eucumbene

33 meters

*  Greatest depth of Lake Eucumbene

107 meters

*  Current Lake Eucumbene water level

See lake level history

*  Lake Eucumbene dam height

116.1 meters

*  Lake Eucumbene residence time

1,953 years

*  Lake Eucumbene weather

Summer: 11°c to 25°c
Winter: -1°c to 7°c

* Lowest level of Lake Eucumbene

8.7% of capacity - 14 July 2007

*  Shoreline Villages

Old Adaminaby
Anglers Reach
Providence Portal
Braemar Bay

*  Fish species in Lake Eucumbene

Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout. Atlantic Salmon

*  Is boating permitted on Lake Eucumbene?

Yes (inc. power boats)

*  Is camping permitted around Lake Eucumbene?

Yes (in Kosciuszko National Park). Camping & accommodation is available at lakeshore tourist parks.

*  Can you fish all year round in Lake Eucumbene?

Yes. Moving water (rivers, streams) closed June to October.

*  Do you need a fishing licence to fish in Lake Eucumbene?

Yes. Licences available from local tackle shops, service stations & caravan parks. Also available from NSW Fisheries.

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